Rimfire Range

22 Rim Fire Range

Our rimfire rifle range is unmatched in the UK and is a one of a kind state of the art system, removing the cause or overhead wires and the need to walk down the range to retrieve your target. We have invested in the same type of equipment used by the Olympics. The target’s have fixed acoustic sensors, linked to a computer screen displaying you shot and score down to 1/10 of a millimetre.

To use our range.

We will need to see your firearms licence. No licence no shooting. Your permit must state, Zeroing on ranges for live game tickets and or shoot on ranges, all you need to do is to book in at reception and our trained staff will take you to the shooting lanes to get you started.


You can pre-book shooting lessons, with trained coaches, (no license required, minimum age 15.)

An experience will cost you £75, this includes one hour tuition this experience will let you shoot 50 rounds.

If you find your self-running low on ammo, no problem our onsite shop stocks a wide range of ammunition. (Winchester, CCI, Federal, Hornady, Sellet and bennot. )


£10 for the day for members.

£15 per hour for non-members.

Exclusive Bookings are available for £200 + VAT (This is available to groups, Clubs).