Center Fire Range

Centre Fire 100m

Our Centre Fire Range equipped with the very best Olympic grade electronic targets. Each of the four lanes has an individual monitor, allowing the shooter real-time access to all information on the shots fired. The built-in acoustic sensors, are accurate to 1/10 of a mm, giving the shooter greater accuracy. The range facilities allow for the shooter to shoot, prone, kneeling or from the bench. Shooters are permit the shooting of rifles up to .308. Before you come to shoot, please have a quick check of your licence to make sure if you have a game licence that it states zeroing on ranges, and if you have a target permit, you have the wording, shooting on any ranges, and not just your club.

Lessons are available for both permit holders and no licence holders over the age of 15. (Under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or Guardian).

Center Fire Rifle Experiences.

An experience will cost £100 including 20 Rounds.

We also stock a broad range of center fire ammunition in the shop.

                               Federal, Sako, Winchester, Hornaday.

Price for both members and non-members. 

100m Range Centre Fire Range:

Non-Member £25 per hour.

    Members £15 Day rate.