Air Rifle Range

Air Rifle / Pistol Ranges

Having 2 Air Weapons Ranges, with both paper targets out to 45 Yards and Knock down targets out to 55 yards, weather you have a new Rifle or Pistol that you need to Zero in, or just to test and improve you aim our ranges cover it all.

Lessons are available upon booking, for all ages. (Please find prices further down).

If you wish to become a member of our range then please pop into store and get a form.

Distances from 10m to 55m , remote return targets allow zeroing at every distance between 5m – 55m

100+ knock down targets + 8 lanes of return targets

No licence required loan guns available

We stock all of the major brands of air rifles and pistols: Daystate, Weichrauch, Bsa, smk, Air Arms, Hawke etc.

Prices and Lessons.

Lessons will cost £25 per person, however groups of 5+ will be able to get a discount.

Non Members £5 per hour
Members (£40 per year) + £4 per visit Loan Guns £4 (spring and PCP)
Targets and pellets available in the shop