Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting Range

The shooting ground has been established on the same site for over 40 years as a family run shooting ground, the Humberside Shooting Ground provides the largest clay shooting range in the north of England, equipped with100 of  the latest clay traps and release equipment on the market, meaning even if you are shooting solo you can program a 3-4 second delay giving you plenty of time to get ready. you can chose from 20 layouts, with 100 Automatic traps means no matter if you are a novice or expert you can find something to test and home you skill.

No shotgun certificate is required to shoot on our clay ranges. The site is police approved and fully insured.

All equipment and instruction can be provided. No previous experience is required.

  • 75 foot High Tower.
  • Driven grouse practice and team flush layouts
  • 3 Skeet Layouts
  • 3 DTL and ball trap layouts
  • 16 sporting Layouts.


Lessons 25 Clays 25 Cartridges Membership
“Have a go lesson” – £40 Non-Members – £6.75 Non-Members – £5.50 Individual – £40 year Family – £50 year
Full lesson – £60 Members – £5.40 Members – £5.00 Family – £50 year

Tuition including instructor, gun, cartridges, hearing protection and insurance.

Your lesson will start with a eye test and basic gun fit and safety. After this your instructor will take you out on the range to shoot a variety of moving clay targets.

Gun hire £4.00 inc hearing protection

Special offer Tuesdays and Thursdays shooters can shoot 100 clays for £20 (this dose not include cartridges and the clays may not be split between shooters).